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Candidate Testimonial – Transactional Finance

I applied for a post with Robert and he rang me straight away to speak to me about this job. Whilst on the phone he mentioned two other jobs he had that he felt I would be suitable for.

From the point of Robert sending the company my CV, he kept in constant contact with me letting me know he has submitted my CV to contacting me a few days later to let me know they would like me to go in for an interview. Robert sent me over the details straight away letting me know any questions I had I was to phone him at any time. The day before my interview Robert checked in with me to see I was prepared and that everything was okay that I was good to go. He asked me to phone him once the interview was over to let him know how it went.

The next day Robert called me to tell me the company would like to offer me the position. From start to finish Robert has been amazing, of all the recruitment companies I have dealt with (many being rude and not responding at all) no one has come close to the customer service and attention that Robert gives to people when dealing with them. He is a credit to your company and going forward should I or anyone I know be looking to work with a recruitment company I will be recommending HNH Human Capital to them.

Thank you for everything you did for me Robert your amazing.

Candidate Testimonial – Accountancy and Finance

Looking for a new role is difficult; getting the facts on the potential new employer, what the role “actually” is, whether the style of management suits you and can you buy into their strategic plans. Are you looking for a career step up, a new challenge or somewhere to test yourself?

From the job hunter point of view the potential new employer is just as much a candidate and the interview process is a two way street.

Dealing with all this is challenging; there is no better way than getting assistance from a recruitment company which has the best interests of both client and candidate in mind.

HNH Human Capital certainly fit the bill in this regard. Having dealt with both Eoin Fleming in the past and Sinead Walsh for my current new role I can safely say that they were in my corner, and by that I mean that they understood the role and the candidate profile that the employer was  looking for and made certain that I also understood this and was prepared. Sinead in particular was very much involved and her preparation and hard work was apparent prior to the interviews.  Sinead’s interview preparation with me was as detailed and challenging as the actual interview.

Were I to look for a new role in the future, or asked to recommend an organisation to approach as a candidate, then HNH Human Capital would come to mind. I thoroughly commend them. 

A grateful candidate recently placed in a fantastic new role with the help of Sinead Walsh and Eoin Flemming.

Do you have a Career Plan?

To advance your Accountancy or Tax career you need to have a PLAN – this is how I can help you with that.

The accountancy and tax professional market in Northern Ireland is getting more competitive year on year. To be the best, you need to work harder than anyone else, you need to work smarter than your competitors. There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs!

What does success offer you as you look for an accountancy job or tax professional job in Northern Ireland? The answer, of course, is options.

Success gives you far more options financially but it also gives you the opportunity to drive your accountancy or tax career and to obtain what is most important to you.

For some accountants and tax professionals, success is Hermes ties and Rolex watches, while for others it is career potential, feeling gratified in your role, having a good work/life balance, feeling valued by your employer or a combination of all of the above.

Whatever success means to you, it will not come without hard work, focus, passion for accountancy/tax, persistence and striving for improvement.

Whatever your motivation is, you will not get there without a plan.

If you don’t plan then it won’t happen! This is where I come in, I can help you achieve your career goals whether you’re a qualified accountant or tax professional in Northern Ireland. I can work with you to PLAN:

Prioritize – what is important to you, what do you want in your new accountancy/tax role?

List – where do you want to work in Northern Ireland, what companies interest you?

Action – make that move, take the first step towards your new career.

Negotiate – salary, career progression, work/life balance.

I have worked with many career-driven accountants and tax professionals over the past year and they all have the same thing in common – they know where they want to go to in their career.

To be successful you need to understand that to fail is not the end of the world. In most cases, you need to fail, learn from that failure and move on successfully. The more success you have, the more options will be presented to you in the accountancy sector.

So, what does this mean for qualified accountants and tax professionals in Northern Ireland? It means that you are in charge of your career and where you want to go.

There is a lot more involved in moving to a new role than sending your CV to random roles that are advertised. It is important to have a PLAN, take charge or your career and move it in the right direction, and I can assist you in this.

For further information and to start work on your career PLAN, please contact Sinead Walsh on (028)9027 8155 or

The changing face of the Market & the war on Legal Talent in Northern Ireland

The war on talent has been well documented over the last number of years especially in relation to the shortage of skills in the ICT, Engineering and Finance sectors and salary increases have been reported as a result.

The annual Hays salary guide 2020 found that the average salary in Northern Ireland had increased 2.4 per cent, slightly above the average rise of 1.8 per cent registered across the UK and up on the two per cent jump locally in the same survey a year ago.[1] The Northern Irish market appears to have been hit particularly hard compared to the UK with ‘80 per cent of employers reported that they have found it difficult to recruit permanent staff over the past 12 months and 60 per cent found it hard to recruit temporary workers, above the UK employer averages of 69 per cent and 45 per cent respectively’ according to the survey.

The sector which has received the least press attention however is Legal. Our clients in the Commercial Law firms are suffering from what appears to be a perfect storm with regards to talent shortages culminating from; the lack of training contracts awarded during the economic downturn, higher salaries being paid in Dublin as well as across the water and an increase in competitors. According to Invest NI

Legal services is one of the fastest growing sectors in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland boasts over 500 local law firms, 2300 solicitors and 600 barristers and QCs. Our legal talent pool includes an annual surplus of some 600 law graduates as well as an experienced cadre of professionals who are keen to return and re-locate to the region. Sharing a regulatory framework and company law regime with England and Wales, Northern Ireland is a proven location of choice for international legal services.’[2]

Invest NI

The traditional, smaller Private Practice Law Firms continue to make up a significant portion of the legal market in Northern Ireland but now larger national and international Firms are making an impact. There has been a steady rise in recent times of ‘big name’ Law Firms settling in Belfast either via acquisition or being completely new entrants to the market. In addition, Alternative Legal Services Providers (ALSPs) continue to grow at rapid rates and they are beginning to demand talent from the local recruitment market.

Due to the lack of available or ‘on the market’ candidates locally, we have found that quite often we are targeting returners to fill these in demand vacancies. The market trends show that these Legal Professionals who grow up or train in Northern Ireland before moving further afield, do tend to return eventually as they discover that the market here is vibrant and the opportunity is endless. There’s also the draw of the education system for those that have families that are of school age as according to recent surveys 13 out of 100 top UK schools are in Northern Ireland[3]. Many of our clients and candidates cite the cost effective education as a draw factor in addition to many other benefit related to the cost of living.

Law Firms here are winning over big business, working on top quality transactions and have varied workloads. Salary levels for Private Practice and In-House Lawyers has also increased in the last few years with ‘raises of between 2-6%’[4] across key practice areas. We find that more and more the overall benefits package, flexible working opportunities and company culture that a Firm can offer is of significance to candidates and so much so that it can make or break a deal. Northern Irish Firms have recognised this and have made a conscious effort to offer more in terms of an overall package.

At HNH Human Capital we work with an array of top legal clients across various sizes and practice areas to help them recruit the best legal talent in the market and fulfil their professional requirements and business demands. Legal candidates are now in more demand than ever across a variety of practice areas including Corporate Law, Real Estate/Commercial Property, Commercial Litigation and Banking & Finance.

If you are currently based in Northern Ireland and seeking a change or are perhaps interested in making a move home, please check out our live jobs at or contact Legal Recruitment Consultant Rebecca Conwell at or via telephone on 02890278155.





‘Why move to another practice?’

‘Why is it such a great career move?’
‘What is in it for you?’

At HNH Human Capital we have strong relationships in the Public Practice & Taxation market.  We understand our client’s needs and we understand what exciting career opportunities they have to offer!

There has never been a better time for experienced Accountancy Professionals to make a career move!

The market has an abundance of roles that offer career progression, excellent salary/package and encourage a healthy work/life balance.

The secret is that not all practices are the same.  They will have different cultures, different leadership styles and also varying progression opportunities.

The key is to research each practice and what it offers.  For example, not all of the Big 4 firms are the same – in some you are more visible, others offer faster promotion opportunities and others offer a better package.

All of the Big 4 and Top 10 firms will offer is the opportunity to work with larger Corporates in varied sectors across the NI market. 

With the business landscape in Northern Ireland the small to medium firms offer a wonderful opportunity to work alongside SME’s in a trusted adviser role.  These roles will include all disciplines including Accounts Preparation, Audit, Tax and Business Advisory.

So, what is in it for you?

  • Career Progression that clear and attainable
  • Excellent remuneration and benefits
  • Flexible working environment to encourage work/life balance
  • A meritocratic environment where strong performance is recognised and rewarded
  • An interesting and diverse portfolio of clients 
  • Limited or no travel requirements
  • The opportunity to become a trusted advisor to your clients
  • Work in an environment where clients and employees are treated with respect

For further information on these opportunities, please contact me via LinkedIn.

Alternatively, you can contact me directly ( or 028 90325325)

An Exciting Promotion for Rachel Coleman

We are delighted to announce the promotion of Rachel Coleman to Senior Consultant for  Business Services.

Rachel has completely excelled within the business and her promotion to Senior Consultant has been truly well deserved. Rachel joined HNH Human Capital boasting a diverse professional background. Originally working within B2B sales and progressing through to management, Rachel believes in developing and nurturing strong relationships with both clients and candidates – and takes a proactive approach to ensure business development.

Sarah Orange – Managing Partner said – “we are delighted to announce that Rachel Coleman has been promoted to Senior Consultant within Business Services. In the past twelve months Rachel has achieved outstanding results through dedication, hard work and excellent client care.”

“Rachel is an integral part of our team and is an absolute pleasure to work with” Sarah notes.

She is adaptable and able to work on complex executive and professional level roles across a variety of disciplines.

Rachel had this to say on her promotion – “I am delighted to progress within HNH Human Capital during a continued period of growth. I look forward to listening, assessing and truly understanding the challenges faced by our clients. My main focus is, and will remain going forward – understanding company culture and values to ensure I am a trusted consultant with long term business relationships.”

If you are a client with a requirement within Human Resources, Operations, Marketing or Business Development or, likewise – a candidate looking to make a career move, please do get in touch via or call 02890 278155.

We would like to wish Rachel continued success in her new role.

Practice Makes Perfect – A Conversation with Sinead Walsh

With the recent announcement of new roles in the Northern Ireland market, there has never been a better time to consider progressing your career within the PPT sector.

The deal flow has increased substantially in the market and this has a domino effect on the roles in corporate finance, audit, and advisory & tax within the practice environment.

As a tax professional you will get the opportunity to work on exciting advisory projects for clients which will broaden your skillset. In terms of corporate finance/advisory, the sky is the limit with opportunities in transaction services, mergers & acquisitions, and special projects in a variety of sectors. Audit offers exceptional career potential for experienced candidates both in external audit and internal audit/risk assurance.

There is something very refreshing about meeting senior professionals who are at the top of their game and are passionate about their business. Their enthusiasm is infectious for me as a recruitment specialist in this area. Not only are they focused and dedicated in terms of their own careers and the firms they work for, but they are also genuinely committed to offering solid career opportunities with visible career paths for the professionals who join their teams.

The current perception that is in the market with regards to roles within the practice sector is in some cases warranted but in most cases it is not. It is so important for qualified professionals not to disregard furthering their careers within public practice because of past experiences. Having worked hard to achieve a professional qualification, you need to take a broad look at the opportunities in the market.

We have seen a flow of professionals who moved from practice to an industry/financial services based role and have subsequently moved back into practice. The roles are more varied and more commercial. One point to note is that there is a common theme which is that most moved back into a different practice and found that the culture was very different to their previous employer and they really enjoy the role and the work/life balance.

Of course, many professionals are enjoying the excellent career opportunities in the industry & financial services sectors also.

There are amazing opportunities available across all disciplines within the top six. These firms offer roles in which you will be visible and you will receive guidance from the partners in the firm. This gives you an outstanding opportunity to truly understand how a practice works and to gain an insight into the business development aspect as well as the technical aspects of these roles.

If you want a role in a meritocratic environment where you will be visible and where you are rewarded and recognized for your performance then we definitely need to speak about the roles that are currently open within the public practice & taxation area.

There are so many opportunities and I am happy to speak with you regarding the paths available to you in practice. Talk to me about the opportunities within the public practice & taxation sector and more importantly, do not decide that this sector is not for you without speaking with these senior professionals who can demonstrate first hand why this may be the right choice for you.

An open mind will offer broader horizons, a brighter future and the career opportunity that you have been waiting for.

Reach out to Sinead directly via LinkedIn.

The Changing Face of the Recruitment Process – in Conversation with Sinead Walsh

Belfast (and wider NI) is now an area of phenomenal opportunity for clients and companies alike, but what comes with these opportunities is increased competition – whether that be securing the right candidate or if you are the candidate, securing the right role.

We have recently heard positive statistics that unemployment rates are at an all-time low, falling to 3%, 0.5% down on the previous quarter which is compared to the rest of the UK at 3.9%.

With a population of 1.8 million, approx. 860,000 of that are within current employment. In turn this is up approx. 16,000 over the last recorded quarter, which all points to the reasonable conclusion that Northern Ireland is a buoyant market at the moment.

The downside for our clients is that this low unemployment rate is further driving the war on talent so how can they compete? We advise candidates that first impressions count and help them to put their best foot forward at interview and the same advice must be provided to clients.

I personally specialise in the recruitment of non-qualified finance professionals, credit controllers, payroll specialists, assistant accountants and finance assistants. When I am dealing with an active job seeker I take it for granted they will have 3 or 4 interviews elsewhere and these are usually one or two step interview processes and more often than not the candidate is between two offers. Who they choose to join is largely dictated by the interview process and the ‘feel’ they got for the company. A handshake, followed by a competency based interview is not going to cut the mustard these days. How much do you actually gain from this anyway?

Particularly as there is now an onus on companies to ensure they are hiring someone who will match skills to company culture for a greater chance of longer service, a new & more holistic recruitment process focusing on skills, personality, ambition, vision and fit are at the forefront of the selection process. Whether you are a company or a candidate the traditional “tick box” or “situational” questioning techniques – “can you give me an example of a time when….” questions are on the way out and a new process is here. Interviews are now more of a two way street where the client and candidate choose each other and there is more buy in from both parties.

Interview processes are now more tailored and structured to suit the individual role that they are hiring for. Certain aspects my clients are focusing on but not limited to are;

  • Does the candidates’ aspirations match the progression of the role.
  • Vetting process – right qualities and characteristics. This could be work ethic and team player.
  • Not being caught up too much on irrelevant past work history.
  • Understand what the candidate isn’t good at in order to provide the right coaching and support. There’s no point in trying to put a square peg into a round hole.
  • Setting clear expectations from the outset, for both parties.
  • Greater input/questioning from the candidate during interview stage to ascertain what is important to them in a prospective employer, and how the company match these expectations

These are some of the aspects considered when recruiting to make sure that the reality of the actual person matches what’s on paper in their CV.

Staff retention is now beginning, not at induction stage, but during the initial interview itself. I think that this can only lead to more successful hires, better retention of key staff and a way for companies and candidates alike to stay one step ahead of the competition when it comes to the recruitment process.

Clients have also been quicker to react and respond in recent times. We are seeing the conversion times shorten vastly as clients are moving more swiftly and efficiently through the process. More comprehensive feedback is provided, even to the unsuccessful candidates which stands the company in good stead when they go to recruit again. There is nothing a job seeker hates more than delays and lack of feedback so this is a positive trend.

To summarise, as a recruiter operating within the local market over the last couple of years, I have noticed a huge emphasis in the importance of hiring new and suitable employees which does not seem to be letting up anytime soon. (Thankfully)

The clients I work with now, more so than ever before, are focusing on getting the right people for the role and this gives massive confidence not only to people operating within the local market but possibly individuals wanting to relocate to Northern Ireland in such an uncertain time (Brexit and lack of Government – that’s a whole different post!).

We are proud to work with a wide variety of clients from start-ups to SMEs to plcs and genuinely enjoy being their recruitment consultant. It is our role to help both candidate and client to increase their chances of success when hiring.

You can reach out to Robert directly through his LinkedIn.

HNH Human Capital Announce Appointment of Rebecca Conwell

HNH Human Capital welcome Legal Recruitment Consultant – Rebecca Conwell, to our growing team.

Originally from the North West, Rebecca – a qualified solicitor joins HNH Human Capital with experience within legal recruitment in the local market. Rebecca joins the team at a very exciting time in our growth trajectory which has seen us double headcount in the last two years.

Rebecca, who qualified as a solicitor in 2018, notes that recruitment within the legal sector allows her to marry her earned professional skills with her love for providing professional help to candidates at all levels.

“After completing both my studies and then formal training, I felt it was right to move out of practice and seek experience through new avenues,” she notes

“HNH Human Capital offer an admirable level of professionalism to their work and the service which they provide to both clients and candidates. I strongly believe in the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, and I believe HNH Human Capital can offer this platform.”

Rebecca will work closely alongside Rachel Coleman and Managing Partner Sarah Orange specialising in the recruitment of legal professionals at all levels.

Sarah noted “Over the last 12-18 months we have experienced increased demand for legal recruitment and as the “war on talent” continues, we have taken steps to attract talent back to Northern Ireland and foster robust relationships with valued clients. Rebecca shares our ambitions and values as well as our innovative approach to candidate attraction. We warmly welcome Rebecca and wish her every success in her career with us.”

If you are a client with a requirement within the legal sector, or a candidate hoping to make the next move in your career – reach out to Rebecca via or call (028)9027 8155.

HNH Human Capital Announce Appointment of Jordan Spry

Jordan Spry joins HNH Human Capital as Communications Coordinator, to implement a new, innovative communications strategy.

Jordan, joins Human Capital in a newly created, fresh role – dedicated to creating further growth through communications and increasing brand awareness. Jordan joins a talented team, and will be responsible for vocalising their successes through insightful content creation.

HNH Human Capital Managing Partner, Sarah Orange expresses her delight with this new role and is confident with what Jordan can offer the business.

“Jordan joins us at a very exciting time as we expand our team and enter new geographies. With a diverse background within marketing and communications, previously working within the fashion industry, Jordan also offers corporate communications experience within professional services,” she noted.

“Formerly a candidate of recruitment consultant Rachel Coleman, we noticed a passion and determination in Jordan. We felt he would be a great match for a marketing role we had been planning within our own business.”

With the role of Communications Coordinator having just been created within HNH Human Capital, Jordan is determined to completely immerse himself within the world of recruitment and is delighted to be able learn from the rest of the team, who all offer a wealth of experience and knowledge.

“The fluidity of a career in communications is what I find most alluring. Corporate communications requires a strict level of precision and structure to your work, and an element of luxury with content creation.”

“To me, HNH Human Capital offer endless scope for my own personal and professional development. I am extremely passionate about the opportunity to learn and explore new concepts and I can’t wait to develop my career in the world of recruitment,” he adds.

“HNH Human Capital provide an exceptional service to both clients and candidates, this I know first-hand, and I look forward to boasting their successes”

There is still room for expansion, and we are offering a role for a specialist Legal Recruitment Consultant within HNH Human Capital – find out more information here.

HNH Human Capital are the Proud Sponsors of Jemma White – Riverdance to Ring

HNH Human Capital are proud to sponsor former Riverdance performer Jemma White in her new charity challenge.

On Saturday 7th April, in Crowne Plaza Belfast, the brave beauty took on the Ultra White Collar Boxing Challenge in support of Cancer Research UK.

Explaining why she took on the challenge, Jemma says:

“Too many people close to me have battled cancer and continue to do so. They get no warning, they get no time to train and get fit for what is ahead and yet their strength, their determination and the support from those around them is what gets them through each day.”

“It is now thought that Cancer will touch all our lives at some point, 1 in 3 will take on the fight directly. We need continued research and development to find new treatments and cures so that hopefully that story will change for the little ones coming behind us. ”

We have donated to Jemma’s cause and our logo will feature on her shirt on the night. If you’d like to donate, visit her Justgiving page. All donations, large or small, will make a big difference!

The Role of Trusted Advisor in Executive Recruitment

The highest level of business relationship is that between a client and a trusted advisor. Since the foundation of HNH Human Capital four years ago, we have strived and succeeded in making the jump from recruitment partner to trusted advisor for many Northern Ireland SMEs and Top 100 companies.

What exactly does that mean? Well a trusted advisor is in it for the long term relationship and not the short term gains and is willing to put clients’ interests ahead of their own. Check out point 5 below.

We don’t just advise on the sector, but also on the challenges, risks and required resources. We put the time in and earn the right to be influential and we understand that gaining your trust and becoming an integral part of your team is achieved by listening, assessing and truly understanding the challenges faced by our clients. We never assume that our job is about just filling a role.

We are skilled in identifying ‘pain-points’ around your staffing needs, adding value at every stage of the recruitment process. We strive to understand your company’s culture and values, so we can enhance talent selection, aid in staff development and retention strategies and work with you to build a succession plan for the future.

Here are just five ways in which we go above and beyond the role of recruitment partner and act as a trusted human capital advisor.

1: Candidate Personality Profiling

Our recruitment method involves a combination of both search and selection. One of the tools we apply when recruiting at a Senior Management or Executive level is Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). This provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work, giving you a greater level of certainty when recruiting, identifying where to maximize your learning and development budget, and understanding where to boost morale to avoid high staff turnover.

2: Executive Coaching
Patricia Abbot Executive Coach - HNH Recruitment

A recent CIPD survey reported that over 80% of businesses use executive coaching for targeted development, the reported benefits include:

Developing high potential employees
Achieving higher performance
Enhancing team effectiveness
Improving leadership wellbeing
Addressing conflict
Providing a confidential sounding board for Chief Executives & senior leaders

Chartered Psychologist and Executive Coach Patricia Abbott offers an executive coaching and leadership development service to HNH Human Capital clients. Patricia has over 20 years’ experience in preparing leaders for more senior positions and coaching executive teams and has worked closely with SME’s across Northern Ireland as well as global companies across all industry sectors.

3: Board Advisory

We work closely with many of Northern Ireland’s leading companies, to provide have an integrated suite of board advisory services. These include board assessment, director recruitment and succession planning for chairs, directors and CEOs.

4: Talent Insight & Mapping

Because we take time to understand how your business works, as well as its structure and culture, we can report back on insights into your future needs and possible skills gaps. We confidentially gather market intelligence on both you and your competitors, enabling you to assess how future talent requirements may change and proactively recognise and track the progress of key talent who could be suitable for your business down the line.

5: Recruitment Training & Assistance

We understand that when looking for staff at a certain level, companies often want to manage the process internally. So instead of only recruiting for you, we also provide training services, which can help your team become experts in recruiting for themselves.

We facilitate half day Human Capital Planning events and workshops, bespoke to your organisation. We will also assist with and train teams in writing advertisements, job descriptions and personnel specifications.

For more information on any of these value added services, please contact