The Role of Trusted Advisor in Executive Recruitment

The highest level of business relationship is that between a client and a trusted advisor. Since the foundation of HNH Human Capital four years ago, we have strived and succeeded in making the jump from recruitment partner to trusted advisor for many Northern Ireland SMEs and Top 100 companies.

What exactly does that mean? Well a trusted advisor is in it for the long term relationship and not the short term gains and is willing to put clients’ interests ahead of their own. Check out point 5 below.

We don’t just advise on the sector, but also on the challenges, risks and required resources. We put the time in and earn the right to be influential and we understand that gaining your trust and becoming an integral part of your team is achieved by listening, assessing and truly understanding the challenges faced by our clients. We never assume that our job is about just filling a role.

We are skilled in identifying ‘pain-points’ around your staffing needs, adding value at every stage of the recruitment process. We strive to understand your company’s culture and values, so we can enhance talent selection, aid in staff development and retention strategies and work with you to build a succession plan for the future.

Here are just five ways in which we go above and beyond the role of recruitment partner and act as a trusted human capital advisor.

1: Candidate Personality Profiling

Our recruitment method involves a combination of both search and selection. One of the tools we apply when recruiting at a Senior Management or Executive level is Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). This provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work, giving you a greater level of certainty when recruiting, identifying where to maximize your learning and development budget, and understanding where to boost morale to avoid high staff turnover.

2: Executive Coaching
Patricia Abbot Executive Coach - HNH Recruitment

A recent CIPD survey reported that over 80% of businesses use executive coaching for targeted development, the reported benefits include:

Developing high potential employees
Achieving higher performance
Enhancing team effectiveness
Improving leadership wellbeing
Addressing conflict
Providing a confidential sounding board for Chief Executives & senior leaders

Chartered Psychologist and Executive Coach Patricia Abbott offers an executive coaching and leadership development service to HNH Human Capital clients. Patricia has over 20 years’ experience in preparing leaders for more senior positions and coaching executive teams and has worked closely with SME’s across Northern Ireland as well as global companies across all industry sectors.

3: Board Advisory

We work closely with many of Northern Ireland’s leading companies, to provide have an integrated suite of board advisory services. These include board assessment, director recruitment and succession planning for chairs, directors and CEOs.

4: Talent Insight & Mapping

Because we take time to understand how your business works, as well as its structure and culture, we can report back on insights into your future needs and possible skills gaps. We confidentially gather market intelligence on both you and your competitors, enabling you to assess how future talent requirements may change and proactively recognise and track the progress of key talent who could be suitable for your business down the line.

5: Recruitment Training & Assistance

We understand that when looking for staff at a certain level, companies often want to manage the process internally. So instead of only recruiting for you, we also provide training services, which can help your team become experts in recruiting for themselves.

We facilitate half day Human Capital Planning events and workshops, bespoke to your organisation. We will also assist with and train teams in writing advertisements, job descriptions and personnel specifications.

For more information on any of these value added services, please contact